Continuous diagonals from above

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Continuous strikes in place through the diagonals from above, alternating long/short edge.

  • Left foot forward Posture, left lead hand, Oberhut at the left shoulder.
  • Diagonal strike down to Mittelhut (no step).
  • Continue down to Unterhut on right.
  • Turning right draw back to reverse Steurhut in a rear weighted Posture.
  • Bring staff over with false edge in a loop to come into high thrusting Oberhut which strikes from above with the false edge (or hook of the halberd), in a front weighted Posture.
  • Bring staff point down into Steurhut
  • Turn the hips left in a cross step Posture and draw the staff back into reverse Nebenhut
  • Bring staff back up to Oberhut at the left shoulder.
  • Continue the strikes through repeatedly.

These movements should be smooth and continuous.

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