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High (lit. Over) Guard


Staff high1.jpg

Stand in an orthodox left lead grip with the left foot forward in a regular longsword style stance. Hold the base of the staff at the left side of the chest with the point either straight up or canted slightly back. This is the high guard from which strikes are made. You can move the staff across to the right shoulder/breast as well. If the right foot is forward we can move into a left lead position instead, if desired.

Make sure the feet aren’t too far apart, so you can easily gather forward with the lead leg at any time.

Thrusting High Guard [Non canonical name]

Staff high-thrust.jpg

This on-point high guard is used throughout the polearms but only truly named in the section on the pike. Stand with the left forward and the butt of the staff before the head, lead hand extended out roughly like the ochs with the longsword.

This is a high thrusting position, but is also used as a strike like a sturzhauw (especially effective with the rear hook of the halberd).



The high guard with the rappier holds the hand in the same position as the Ochs guard except with the blade pointing up and somewhat backward ready for a cut. This can be held on the left or right, or even in the centre. In the case of the centre high guard the blade can be pointed forward rather than back.

The illustration shows the hand position, though Meyer would only adopt this foot position transitionally in the Stolen Step or similar. The opponent stands in Nebenhut.



The high guard with the dagger is essentially any guard above the shoulder level, generally being held up in a position somewhat similar to the rappier High Guard, except with the blade held in a reverse grip (thumb pointed to the pommel) angled down with the point online. The canonical text illustrates the guard being held very high up, however the various devices use the guard from lower positions. The illustration shows a high guard from Mair (by a left hander in this case), with the opponent in Underhut.

Based on the devices we can see that the guard can be held to the left, to the right, or centrally.

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